Prayer ministry

Men always ought to pray and not to faint. Prayer is the life wire of our church.

To raise dynamic prayer warriors with integrity who are committed to the task of bringing down the presence of God during our worship services

Our mission is to serve in HGE as prayer intercessors for God’s people and to encourage and assist each person in personal and corporate prayer. We do this by praying in faith in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, relentlessly opposing the works of satan in the lives of the people of God and encouraging others to do the same

Who We Are:

  • We are a militant prayer team, obedient servants and there is no tolerance for sin.
  • We meet twice a week to pray and have online prayer meeting twice a week


  • To live a righteous and holy life by the grace of God
  • To be consistent in our goals and foster unity by praying in one accord
  • To pray for our Pastors, Ministers, Workers, and HGE Congregation
  • To pray for the church staff & church projects
  • To pray for our community and the nation
  • To develop a family-oriented environment free of ethnicity through our prayers
  • To encourage and assist others in learning how to pray
  • To ensure every request we receive is handled timely & effectively in prayers